Rejection of Uniform Civil Code

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The Law Commission of India has issued an invitation to public expression on the topic of uniform civil code (UCC), aimed at religious, cultural, and traditional laws related to matters such as marriage, divorce, inheritance, adoption, etc.
Against this backdrop, a strong protest must be filed by the countrymen so that it is clear to the Law Commission that the citizens of India are not in favour of uniform civil code, nor is it necessary or required.
In this series, a letter for the Law Commission has been developed in English, Please click on Send Email link at Top or Bottom of this page, click on the Send Email link, the email will be opened then you can add your name and mobile number at the Bottom of the email and click on send.
Your letter will then be sent to the Law Commission and respected dignitaries. Thanks

Er. Mahfooz Alam

Amour – Baisa, Purnea

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